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One of our most requested services from our customers.  Whether you have a leaking tap, an old tap you want to replace, an external tap that won't stop dripping.  You name it, our experienced tradesmen are happy to help.

That one drip of water that continues through the night can add $$$ to your water bill and is a huge waste of our natural resources.  Take the time to go around your house and make note of all the taps that are dripping and call us on 1800 44 67 22 and get them repaired today.

Turning taps getting a bit harder?  Our team can offer advice on installing flick mixers or quarter turn taps that make turning on and off taps a lot easier for children and less stressful on wrists as we age.

Flexible Connectors are the braided hoses that connect your water supply to your taps.  If these are rusted or leaking you need to get them repaired before they cause damage or worse burst resulting in flooding of carpets. 

If you are upgrading your tap ware Impact Plumbing and Drainage Solutions can show you a range of quality tap ware to suit and install it for you also.

All fixtures supplied by Impact Plumbing and Drainage Solutions come with a manufacturer's warranty and all workmanship by us is 100% guaranteed.

Call us today on 1800 44 67 22 to book in your tap service or a plumbing inspection to help you identify possible issues with your fixtures.  You can also fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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