Water Leaks and Burst pipes

Water Bill Higher that it Should Be?

Water Leaks can add hundred to your bill if not detected and repaired.  If you suspect you may have a leak somewhere on your property (maybe there is a patch of water in the yard that won't go away or maybe there's a patch in you wall or ceiling, or maybe your water bill is unusually high). We can help you resolve the issue.

Call us on 1800 44 67 22 to have one of our experts complete a pressure test to the property to determine any internal leaks.  Our leak detection team can help pinpoint a hidden leak in the yard quickly.

You can turn the water off at the mains if the leak is an obvious concern, and we will be out to repair as soon as possible.

Check out our Ask a Plumber page to find helpful advice to help reduce the  wastage and damage from a water leak or burst pipe.  And call us on 1800 44 67 22 or complete the contact form below to get in touch with us..

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